Cr Lina Messina: The New Mayor of Darebin

Melbourne – Cr Lina Messina was re-elected as the Darebin City Council Mayor for 2021–2022 at a Special Meeting of Council held on Wednesday 24 November.

In her speech Mayor Messina said she was honoured to have been re-elected as Mayor of Darebin in these unprecedented times.

“I am delighted and thankful to have been given the honour of being your Mayor for another year by my colleagues. I am so proud to represent the incredible people of Darebin as we continue to work together during these tough times. The resilience of our community in this ever-changing landscape has never been

Lina Messina with Trent McCarthy

more apparent, “she said.

Mayor Messina said despite the challenges of the pandemic, she is excited to see the continued progress of several major projects.

“In the next 12 months our team will see the continued delivery of the NARC project, the Reservoir Boathouse Project and the BT Connor and Bill Lawry Pavilion. We will celebrate the success of the Love Local campaign, putting money back into our beloved local businesses. We will also see the upgrade of some of our shopping precincts,” she said.

Mayor Messina also congratulated Cr Trent McCarthy who was elected to the position of Deputy Mayor.

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